Jubilee Bolivia Holds Second Successful Fellowship Conference, Where Eight New Members Were Added


By God's grace, as time goes by Jubilee Bolivia continues its development. Recently, Yehoshua Condorena, who has been in charge of organizing events, planned the second fellowship conference at the Mission of the Strong, (Mision del Fuerte), in the city of La Paz. Mr. Condorena, has been caring for Jubilee Bolivia in behalf of the absence of main leaders, who are now taking an internship in Dover Plains, NY.

During this conference, Jubilee Bolivia lead worship and praise time. Followed by a presentation of the Jubilee vision, and there was a Q&A section. Lastly, there was an addition of eight new members who decided to become part of Jubilee Bolivia family. Now, Jubilee Bolivia completes a total of twenty-five Jubilee members.

Praise be to God who is uniting members in Bolivia. Let us pray for God's work in this precious city, for many people are hungry and thirsty for His word.