Jubilee World HQ Hosts Community Cleaning Event


God works in various ways to bring people together. His works are amazing. He steers the hearts of many souls, allowing them to work in unity to bring hope and better future for those who need it. Jubilee World campus is located on a community that needs God's plans for its residents. Thus, Jubilee World collaborates closely with local organizations to serve community residents, as well as develop long lasting relationships, as a method to continue spreading the message of healing found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last Saturday, residents around Jubilee World campus, once again, witness the works of God through the serving of many youth. The collaboration of several organizations, such as Walnut Park Association, gathered together a group of young volunteers to clean surrounding areas. These young children worked diligent to clean up streets in this community, inspiring the hearts of many residents. Afterwards, they enjoyed a nice meal, and playground area in Jubilee World campus. Their presence brought a precious enlightenment in the community, as well as Jubilee HQ campus.

Jubilee World desires to be the pillar and strong foundation for many souls in this precious community. Furthermore, Jubilee will continue to humbly serve the city of St. Louis and its residents, until God's plans are fulfilled.