Jubilee St.Louis Held 2nd Open Mic Event



Jubilee World staff continues to spread the musical seed, on the city of St. Louis, by calling out to local musicians who will accept the Lord's call through consecutive Open Night Events. These events are the beginning of a bigger purpose, for in due time God will open the doors to enlarge the musical and performing arts field through the tools and foundations He has equipped Jubilee World.

As a strategy to recruit musicians, Jubilee World staff continues to reach out to local musicians by offering consecutive Open Mic events. When we held the open mic, we were able to reflect more on why we had the event to begin with. Even with the weather being bad and few people showing up, everyone that attended was glad they joined. One of the things I shared with the attendees was no matter how many or how little people we have here, we are not doing this for the recognition from the people. We are doing this for God and working to deepen our relationship with Him, shared Joshua Allen.

Please pray that many musicians and artist can be recruited through the Open Mic Events.