Jubilee San Francisco to hold concert at Bethel Church




Following the regular Sunday practices, Jubilee San Francisco finally got the green light to hold its Easter Concert at "Bethel Christian Church" this coming March 20 at 6:30pm.

Bethel Church gave up their Sunday praise and prayer service to give an opportunity to Jubilee to minister to people with a quality performance where the message can be delivered through their prepared songs. The musicians in Jubilee have been preparing for the past month in order to be as professional as possible in their performance.

Music Director Derek Dauchan pointed out, "the message in each song makes it very important that the lead singer can be heard clearly." For this matter he added, "Playing songs in the right rhythmical timing, with the right notes, and pitch along with a proper instrumental volume is crucial." Following this basic standard Jubilee members have been able to work out the songs to a high level and hope it will be a blessing to all that attend the concert.

They pray that through this period of Lent they can prepare well their hearts, minds, and bodies so the concert can be successful and all can receive the much needed grace from God. May many open their hearts to hearing the message of Christ through song.