Jubilee World Korea Holds Entertainment Showcase




On February 25, Jubilee World Korea held a February Showcase at Jubilee Music Center in Seoul, South Korea. The Jubilee worship team offered worship service and CCM performances with themes such as 'Repentance,' ' The way of the cross of Jesus,' and the 'Suffering of believers.'

For the CCM performances, "I Look to you" (R. Kelly) by Esther Jeon, "I repent" (Minji Gil) by Sunmi Kim, "Redeemed" (Big Daddy Weave) by Gisang Yoo, "Don't leave my side" (The Light And Salt) by Duhyeok Yeo, "Psalm 121" (Yulim Jeon) by Yeawon Kim.The overwhelmingly joyful reponse by the audience has deeply encouraged all the performers and team members in Jubilee Korea.

The same day, the Jubilee worship team invited first- and second-term students after the performances. They introduced about its newly organized groups, group leaders and plans for team gatherings.

Meanwile, the Jubilee worship team reported the monthly showcase evaluation will change its rules, starting from March. So far they have made the showcase as a stage for each artists and students to make and sing their own songs on every last thursday of the month. However, from now on, they will hold the official showcase for new songs from their albums before they release them.

From March, They will offer Jubilee worship praise night as a 'Thursday Gathering' on every Thursday (except for the week of the official showcase).

Jubilee Worship reports that they want to deliver abundant grace from God through professional Christian musicians who has highly sophisticated technique, music, and mind of worshipers, with zeal and passion for God.