Non-Profit Orchestra to Bridge Jubilee Sydney to Local Musicians




From Beginning this year, Jubilee Sydney has being looking for a good mediator who can bridge Jubilee to more local musicians.

In preparation for the Easter event, Jubilee Sydney is trying to reach to local musicians and universities. Last week, Jubilee Sydney received a positive response from a non-profit orchestra which is composed of more than 90 music university students.

Yesterday, Jubilee Sydney presentative Hyejin Jun had a meeting with the conductor. Though the orchestra was not Christian in nature, the conductor was a sincere Christian. He said, "After two weeks, we have a concert. Actually, I'm really busy in this period, but when I received your phone call, I felt there is something urgent, and I should meet her."

They shared vision of their musical activities, and testified about the grace of God throughout the whole morning time. After the meeting, the conductor promised to connect more professional musicians to Jubilee and they will stay in touch and continue to work out the details.