Jubilee NYC Members Begin Romans Bible Study Fellowship



On January 26, Jubilee NYC held a Romans Bible Study Session Fellowship at NY Immanuel Church.  The first Bible Session was led by Pastor Alma, a representative of Apostolos Missions International. She delivered a message from Romans 1:18 -32.

Pastor Alma spoke about the sin of man, which is rejecting God and disobeying the desire of the spirit that should be seeking eternal love from God. She encouraged the listeners to repent and fix their eyes on Jesus as the way of recovering from all of their spiritual problems. 

The Bible sessions will be offered to them every week on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:00. Pastor Lowell will preach the Bible sessions in February.

Feb.2 - Romans 2 God does not show favoritism

Feb.9 - Romans 3 No one is righteous

Feb.16 - Romans 4 We justified by faith

Feb.23 - Romans 5:1-11, 6:1-14 Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ 

Jubilee NYC will offer people to know the Word of God continuously so that their spirits will be awakened and will be deeply touched by His precious Word. 

Jubilee will take the time to reorganize the ministry and train members in preparation for the season in February 2016. The Bible Study fellowship will be a challenge to musicians who have the desire to know God more. Please pray for Jubilee NYC members.