Jubilee Mongolia Draws Up Plans for 2016




In a conference, Jubilee World Mongolia shared the ministry's goals for 2016 in hopes of raising awareness and support as well as feedback from other Jubilee members around the world.

The ministry, based in the nation's capital Ulaanbaatar, wants to focus on Jubilee World's identity as a Christian fellowship for musicians and other artists, and in so doing put the Bible at the heart of its program.

Hence, one key activity in the fellowship will be regular Bible studies among members, nourishing them with the grace and wisdom that only comes from the Lord.

Other goals for Jubilee World Mongolia include acquiring a property that can be used as headquarters and training center for its members. It also aims to purchase instruments that can be used for education as well as during its various events.

In 2016, Jubilee Mongolia aims to grow to 140 registered members and to establish new ministries such as Jubilee Mongolia Chorus and Jubilee Mongolia Orchestra.

For its contemporary worship teams, the ministry will establish three tiers of teams, one for teenagers, one professional, and one that will be consist of its top performers.

During the year, the ministry also plans to send 12 members for summer training, either within the country or abroad.