Jubilee World Looks Back at Top 10 Developments in 2015

jubilee world

Jubilee World has wrapped up an incredible year, and ministry representatives recently took a moment to reflect on the music and arts ministry's Top 10 news in 2015.

The stories range from the headquarter expansion in the United States to the exceptional growth and development that has taken place in North America, Latin America, Oceania, Europe and Asia.

In 2016, Jubilee World will seek to spread its vision across Africa and remaining countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, praying to impact the world for Christ and the Gospel through music and the arts.

The ministry will also begin offering higher education and vocational training for artists through its growing Jubilee School network in the United States.

Please pray that Jubilee World can reach the world for Christ through music, and that its ministry may grow continually in new and greater ways day by day keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.

Even though there were many good news that deserve recognition, Jubilee World's editorial office has put together the following list, attempting to capture the broader developments that stood out in 2015:

1. Acquires 168,000 Sq. Ft. Campus in St. Louis to Serve as World HQ

2. Appoints 50 New National Representatives Worldwide

3. Official Website Redesigned, Implemented in 120 Countries Worldwide

4. 2015 Worship Leadership Training Held for 3 Months in Nashville

5. Jubilee School in Nashville Hires Faculty, Begins Classes, Holds Spring, Summer Recitals

6. Established Across All Latin America Through Close Partnership With Churches

7. Asia Sees Great Revival, Expansion of Jubilee World in India, China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, more

8. Oceania Establishes Strong Jubilee World Headquarters, Starts Orchestra, Classes

9. Jubilee World Europe Network Grows Stronger

10. Jubilee Korea Breaks Through 120 Members, Releases New CCM Album 'The Lord Said'