New chapters established and more members added across the major cities in the world




Jubilee World has shown a strong growth at the beginning of the year 2016 with several new chapters opened in US and around the world.

After extensive bible study and fellowship with Jubilee members in Beijing two Musicians has joined Jubilee as members in China. 

Richmond in Virigina officially started the Jubilee World ministry with its first member Jefferey Price. He is a retired professor of music, majoring in Trombone. He is also an experienced conductor of Music.  He will serve the ministry as a leader of Jubilee Orchestra in Richmond.

Jubilee World Baltimore in Maryland has opened a new chapter where David will be the leader in charge of developments. He reflected, "I am happy to have this chance to use my talents for God. That will be good to have a worship team for services. I am also glad to be a part of Jubilee to learn more and serve more. Baltimore is an artistic city. There are many musicians working here. Hopefully, we can find them."

Brian from Seattle in Washington State reflected after joining as a member of Jubilee, "For my understanding as of now, I have learned that Jubilee shares the same visions I have had through my walk, which is to spread the word and heal through God's gift of art."

"My dedication for such a thing will enlighten me to minister in ways I never thought were possible. One vision I have is to unite musicians through music and other art forms both locally and globally," Brian added.

Having been connected through a church minister Brian had a great time talking with the director at the Jubilee World headquarters and became a member of Jubilee Wichita, Kansas After He signed the membership card. 

Yoon-Soek Lee visited the Jubilee center in Columbus, Ohio, by the end of 2015, and after the initial meeting he shared, "I feel I should be somewhere that I could sing for God. I have been playing guitar for 5 years and want to be a good musician for Him."

Lee added, "I really do not know how God will lead me in the future but I want to walk and follow His guidance one by one. I came to Jubilee World because I felt this ministry is an international organization and fits my vision."

He decided to participate in a concert and other activities in Columbus, after visiting the Jubilee World headquarters in St Louis, where he was subsequently appointed as the team leader for Jubilee Columbus. 

Joshua Campbell, a 36 year old Canadian Australian who has a great passion for serving God with music was set up as the first Jubilee member in Adelaide, Australia, and he will be raised to manage Jubilee ministry in the future. 

May Jubilee world continue to grow until the goals of 2016 being fulfilled.