Jubilee China New Worship Song Demo, “Still Believe”



Creating music and lyrics of a worship song it's often a joyful feeling. There is always a background story behind each note, for God uses mysterious ways to inspire the writer. 

The songwriter used to ask God questions like why do we have to suffer so much as if the hardships will never end, why can't we go easily just like others do. With these questions in mind when serving in ministry works, by God's grace, the song writer's eyes were opened and see how his own life and lives of other members were changed during each hardship in the past, he got to see God's people is getting stronger in faith during sufferings. Compare to sufferings or hardships, the faith built in me is so much more important. There is an eternal purpose that God allows us going through all the sufferings. Can perseverance produce without suffering? 

When suffering comes, we might not always have peaceful heats, however, knowing the bible says that to entering God's kingdom, we must go through many hardships, and knowing that God's mighty hand is behind us to support, we can have peace from God, we can go without doubts.