Jubilee Worship Australia Holds Regular Fellowship, Rehearsal


On Nov. 6, Jubilee Worship Australia held fellowship and rehearsal.

During the fellowship, Pastor Hyejin Jun delivered the message from 1 Corinthians 9:19-24, titled, "I make myself a slave to everyone." She urged members that the reason they gathered is to save even one more soul. Through the time, members could identify again themselves as musicians for God.

During rehearsal, they practiced three songs for upcoming events. While practicing, all members could have time to praise God. One member commented that he received a lot of grace through true praising and hearing the beautiful harmonies.

Now Jubilee Australia focuses on cultivating core membership with newly registered members. Jubilee Australia prays that through the gatherings, God pours His grace upon each member and make each member a true worshipper.

In an upcoming fellowship and rehearsal, which will be held on Nov. 20, they're going to discuss additional rehearsal schedules for recording and Christmas concert.