Jubilee Worship Australia Records Song Cover, ‘What A Beautiful Name’


On Dec. 3, Jubilee Worship Australia went into the studio to create a new song recording. The ministry recorded a cover version of this year's Dove Award-winning Song of the Year, "What a Beautiful Name" by Australian group Hillsong Worship.

Before recording, the ministry prayed together so that through that time they could encounter God's grace and glorify God. While they recorded the song, they kept praying to ask God's guidance and that they could truly praise the Lord with one heart.

After recording, all members shared that through this time they were able to discover again the meaning of worship and gain a stronger identity as Jubilee musicians. The recording process went smooth and gracefully, and all members are now hopeful, passionate, and active.

Since this is an important step for Jubilee Worship Australia to enter into the next dimension, the group prepared for the event during several months to set up a studio, audio engineer, rehearsals, and more. Ms. Hyejin Jun, the representative pastor of Jubilee Australia, gave thanks to God that he is guiding everything and sending many good co-workers.

Based on connections and experience from this recording session, from next year, Jubilee Worship Australia is going to have regular recording sessions focusing on the production of their original songs.
Jubilee Worship Australia's upcoming event, Christmas Concert, will be held on Dec. 10.