Jubilee China celebrates the birth of Christ in Beijing Xin'an church



December 17th, Jubilee China held Christmas concert in Xin'an church and about 100 people attended and worship together. 

The concert consisted of dance, musical performances, and worship. The Jubilee chorus, Jubilee dance and Jubilee worship prepared for this spiritual music celebration together. Members of Jubilee China showed their love for Jesus the king of kings on this special concert. They use songs and music to celebrate the birth of Christ and had a good time together. 

The audience enjoyed the music and worship part very much. Some of them are invited to this kind of concert for the first time. 

The concert also featured a short message from Pastor Hong who is a friend of Xin'an church. He talked about the blessing Jesus brought to humankind and what the Christmas is for. It was a profound sharing. 
May God's love and eternal grace get into more souls' heart through words of God and music in this season. And Jubilee China is going forward for a better fellowship in near future.